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Waldorf Salad


My Grandma Mohle made this salad almost every time she visited us and it's been one of my favorites my entire life. Waldorf salad is very refreshing, so it's a good one for summer and even those warm days in fall but it makes a great breakfast all year round. It's also healthy, so this is one of my go to's when I am watching what I eat. Now my Grandma made this different each time she made it and to be honest I've changed a big part of the recipe but I did stick with the basics. She and I cook a lot alike, meaning we don't measure anything, so when I asked for this recipe (and many others) I got the same answer. "Oh I just put everything in until it looks right, sorry baby"  It's taken some time and testing to pin down recipes to share with you all, but I think I have done them all justice. Hopefully she would be proud.

My dad was over last night and we talked about all the different ways my grandmother used to make Waldorf Salad. Sometimes she would add pineapple or grapes and she used pecans rather than walnuts. This is because they had a huge pecan tree in the front yard. My dad told me some stories about how they used to collect all the pecans and sit around as a family to crack them all. She also always used mayonnaise, sugar and vanilla extract as the binder for everything, this is another thing I have changed. I use greek yogurt and honey because it is tastier with the fruit and it is much healthier. Try any of these variations if you like, but I tend to stick with the recipe below.

Start by prepping your apple and celery. Chop them and add to your yogurt and honey. Mix everything in a medium bowl until all of your ingredients are evenly coated in the yogurt mixture, then cover, chill and serve cold. This makes a great snack, light lunch or healthy breakfast. It's that easy! Hope you all enjoy this salad. Thanks for cooking with me!

Ashley Tuttle

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