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Roasted Veggie and Chicken Salad

Roasted Veggie and Chicken Salad - Tuttle Kitchen

Salads don't always have to be "rabbit food", they can be hearty and delicious and this Roasted Veggie and Chicken Salad checks all the right boxes. Because I roasted the vegetables, smoked the chicken and made a light vinaigrette, the flavors are all different, but they go together so well. With warm weather fast approaching (even though right now it feels like winter will never end) we are all being a little more health conscious, so try this recipe. It's healthy, but still very satisfying. Eating healthy or being on a "diet" can still taste amazing.

Preheat the oven to 400°, cut the broccoli and cauliflower into bite sized pieces and toss them in a bowl. Pour about two tablespoons of olive oil, salt and pepper onto the veggies and toss it all together until everything is evenly coated. Now, line a baking sheet with parchment paper and spread the veggies out. Bake at 20 minutes, or until the broccoli and cauliflower are tender and golden brown in places.

Next, you will rub two chicken breasts with olive oil, salt and pepper, then place on the smoker OR in the oven at 350° for about 25 minutes. I personally like the flavor the smoker gives the meat, so I use it when I can. Once the chicken reaches a temperature of 165° internally, you will know it's done. When the chicken is fully cooked, remove it from the oven or smoker and let it rest covered for about ten minutes before slicing. Letting the chicken rest before cutting into it, helps the meat retain it's juices. Nobody likes dry chicken!

Cut the kale and romaine into bite sized pieces as well and add them to a salad bowl with your sliced chicken and roasted vegetables. Squeeze the juice of 1/2 lemon over the salad, then pour on about two tablespoons of really good olive oil. Toss it all together and serve!

Thanks for cooking with me! I hope you are all learning that you can take the basics up a notch, make a recipe your own, and experiment to your hearts content. I'm always looking for that one thing that will take a recipe to the next level, and it's my hope to help you all do the same. You don't always have to go by the book! Have some fun, get creative, spice it up a little and make things yours! The more you practice, the more comfortable you will be and you may surprise yourselves. Enjoy this Roasted Veggie and Chicken Salad!

Ashley Tuttle

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