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Pretzel Turtles

Pretzel Turtles

Hello everyone!

Welcome to my new blog! I will be testing recipes and making changes to perfect them so you don't have to. My mission is to take the fear and confusion out of cooking, so you can all find joy in it. During the holidays we tend to overdo it in the cookie department, so it's nice to have these simple recipes as well. Pretzel Turtles are so quick and simple, they can be made in such a short amount of time. This is also a great recipe for parties, because they don't cost a lot to make, and this recipe makes a ton of little treats so there will be plenty. I don't know about you, but I always offer to bring something to parties, then I wait until the last minute. Well, even if I do forget *cough cough* I mean wait until the last minute, these are still possible.

First, you will line a baking sheet with parchment paper. This step is optional really, but it will save you from having to do dishes later, so I don't ever skip this step. Next, place your pretzels on the baking sheet. You can use regular mini pretzels or the small square checkered ones. Personally, I like the regular mini pretzels better only because they are less dense and tend to have a little more salt on them.

Next, you will unwrap your Rolos and center one on top of each pretzel. Place the baking sheet in a 350 degree oven for only about a minute and a half. Once you close your oven, do not walk away, do not take a bathroom break, don't check your Facebook or Insta. For real, this only takes a minute. You want your Rolos to be soft, but not melted. Once the chocolate on the Rolos starts to shine, they are ready to come out. Now the last step happens fast. As soon as you take the baking sheet out of the oven, place a halved pecan on top of each of the pretzels with Rolos and press gently until the pecan looks super comfy in all the chocolate and caramel. Now let them cool at room temp, or if you are in a hurry, place them in the fridge for five to ten minutes. Pack them and go!

I hope you all enjoy these bite sized treats, they are the perfect balance of salty and sweet and are sure to be a crowd pleaser.

Thanks for cooking with me 😉

Ashley Tuttle

Ingredients List

1.Original mini pretzels

2. 48 Rolos (unwrapped)

3. 48 Pecan Halves

You will also need parchment paper (if you don't feel like doing dishes) and a baking sheet.

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