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PB and Bacon English Muffin

BP and Bacon English Muffin-Tuttle Kitchen

The PB and Bacon English Muffin is an incredible breakfast recipe! It's so quick and simple, which makes it perfect for a morning meal! About a year ago when I started my sourdough bread journey, I decided to make homemade english muffins. The english muffins turned out SO good, and I shared the process on my Instagram story as any food obsessed person would do... Anyway, my cousin Jeff saw my story and told me I HAD to try these with peanut butter and bacon. I did and now it's one of my go to breakfasts, but not always with a homemade muffin I must admit. Jeff is an amazing cook and I learned a long time ago, if he says to try something, you just do it.

Bacon - Tuttle Kitchen
PB Bacon English Muffin - Tuttle Kitchen


  1. Start by frying your bacon. I always add fresh cracked black pepper to my bacon, this is optional but highly recommended!
  2. Once the bacon is fully cooked to your liking, remove it from the pan and place on paper towels to drain off some of the bacon grease. Set this aside for now.
  3. Toast an english muffin. Remove from toaster and spread the inside of both slices with your favorite peanut butter.
  4. Cut bacon in half so it will easily fit on the english muffin and put together like a breakfast sandwich.
  5. Enjoy your breakfast and some you time, or make one for each of your family members for a really great family meal.

Told you these were easy! Do yourself a favor and brew some of your best coffee, toast one of these babies up and set a delicious mood for the entire day! Add jam or jelly if you want, make an egg on the side or serve with a really great piece of fruit. Breakfast is your first opportunity of the day to treat yourself, and self care is important. Have a fantastic day and thanks for cooking with me! Thanks to my cousin, Jeff, for this idea!

Ashley Tuttle

Bacon English Muffin - Tuttle Kitchen
PBBEM - Tuttle Kitchen
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