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Parmesan - Tuttle Kitchen

Everyone has things they just CANNOT run out of, and we are no different here in the Tuttle house. If you look in our fridge at any time you will always find a really good mustard, some kind of taco sauce and my number one, my precious, Parmesan!

I honestly use freshly grated Parmesan almost everyday. We grate it into our omelettes, on top of pizza, into pasta dishes, risotto, grain bowls, shave it for salads, homemade croutons... this list goes on forever. As a child, I, as many of you, grew up on Kraft Parmesan in the can. Once I got older though, I decided to splurge and get myself a really good chunk of fresh Parmesan, and I've NEVER gone back.

My whole point here, is that a big chunk of really nice Parmesan IS a kitchen staple and everyone should ALWAYS have one on hand. You will find that you use it more than you ever thought you would. Do yourselves a favor and ditch the can! Below I will share some of my favorite kitchen tools for Parmesan. These will help you shred, shave or chunk the cheese and overall be prepared for anything!

Thank you all for cooking with me! Go get you some good Parmesan, do some stress cooking and treat yo self!

Ashley Tuttle

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