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Make your own Self Rising Flour


Lots of recipes call for self rising flour. I used to go out and buy a small bag every time I made Paula Deen's peach cobbler, but it was inconvenient and I never used all of it. Lately I have been making more dishes that call for self rising flour, so of course decided to make my own. I always buy flour in bulk because, we do so much baking and if I would have realized how easy it is to just make your own self rising flour, I never would have bought it at the store. Since finding this simple recipe on the King Arthur website, we now always have it made and ready to go when we need it.  It only takes three ingredients that most people already have in their kitchen, so make a batch and keep it on hand. This will save you the inconvenience of running to the grocery store and it will save a little money too.

That's it, really that's all you need. Just sift all the ingredients together and use it on your next baking adventure. If the recipe calls for self rising flour, don't scroll past it, make it!

Thanks for cooking with me.

Ashley Tuttle

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