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How to Peel and Chop an Onion


Did you know you can get an onion peeled and diced before it makes you cry?! That's right everyone, before those inevitable tears start streaming down your face, you can have a fully prepped onion. Now, this may not be the "right way", but it's my way of peeling and chopping an onion. This method takes less than a minute, so no tears!! This is also a great way to impress anyone who may be in the kitchen with you. When I was little and watching food shows on television, it was my dream to learn how to chop fast like the pros. I'm still not as fast as them, but getting close! Watch out world!

Like I said before, this is my favorite way to peel and chop an onion, and its so fast. Start by cutting off both ends of the onion and cut in half (see above pic) Once your onion is halved, just grab a corner of the skin and peel it off, then do the same to the other half and you're done peeling. Really, you're done peeling. What did that take?, maybe 30 seconds...

Place your onion with the flat side down onto the cutting board. Slice the onion from end to end holding the onion together while cutting. After you're done slicing, turn the onion 90 degrees and repeat the end to end slice, perpendicular to your first slices . When you are done, you will have a full onion evenly chopped in under a minute.

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