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How to Peel an Avocado

Avocado Half - Tuttle Kitchen

After watching more than a few people struggle getting into an avocado, I decided to share this fun trick with you all. I will walk you through my process and show you all with pictures how easy this can be. Start with a ripe avocado, it should be firm with a little give and when you remove the stem stub, it will be a pale green. If under the stem is brown, it is too ripe and will likely have brown spots inside.

Full Avocado - Tuttle Kitchen

Start by getting a cutting board and a very sharp chef's knife. The knife should be large for best results.

Knife Avocado - Tuttle Kitchen

Push the knife into the avocado until it hits the pit inside, then rotate the knife around the pit until the avocado is halved.

Avocado Half - Tuttle Kitchen

Now twist the avocado apart, the seed (pit) will end up on one side of the fruit.

Knife in Avocado Pit - Tuttle Kithcen

VERY carefully, hit the center of the pit with the sharp edge of the knife. Do not do this too hard, or you will cut yourself.

Pit - Tuttle Kitchen

Twist the knife until the pit dislodges and tap the pit on the inside of your trash bin. It will pop right off of the knife and end up in the trash.

Avocado Halves - Tuttle Kitchen

Lay the avocado, flesh side down onto your cutting board.  It is easier to cut them with that side down.

Quartering Avocado-TuttleKitchen

Using the same knife, quarter the avocado.

Avocado Quarters - Tuttle Kitchen

the reason we quartered the avocado, is because it will make it much easier to peel.

Peeling Avocado - Tuttle Kitchen

Now just pull back the peel. It should come off clean, without taking any of the avocado with it.

Avocado Peel - Tuttle Kitchen

See how clean that peel is! This means more avocado for you to eat!

Peeled Avocado - Tuttle Kitchen

Look how gorgeous... and they are still intact. This means they can be cubed and added to a salad, sliced for sandwiches or breaded and baked 🙂

Sliced Avocado - Tuttle Kitchen

I sliced mine, because I was eating it along side an egg for breakfast.

This technique is truly the best way to get the most out of your avocado, no matter what you are doing with it. Remember this next time you are making guacamole, adding avo's to your morning smoothie or toast, frying them or just adding to a salad. This trick has saved my life! Thanks for cooking with me!

Ashley Tuttle

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