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How to make Parmesan Shavings

Parmesan Shavings - Tuttle Kitchen

Dear Parmesan cheese,

You are the best cheese... that is all. Ok, for real though, it goes in everything and can be prepared in so many ways. If you don't always have a chunk of this in your fridge, I am highly suggesting you change your ways. It can be turned into Alfredo sauce, shredded over pizza or ANYTHING before you bake it to make the top super crispy. It can also be shredded onto croutons for extra flavor or peeled right into your salad, which is what we are learning today.

To get perfect, big pieces of shaved parmesan for the top of your next salad or pasta dish, just use your vegetable peeler! It's that easy. Your welcome! Make sure you are using a good parmesan, this will add a serious flavor boost to anything you add it to, and when you are left with just the rind, add that to your marinara sauce to make it a little more creamy and flavorful. Enjoy this one you all! Thanks for learning new techniques with me and keep cooking!

Ashley Tuttle

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