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Homemade Butter, it’s easier than you may think!

Homemade Butter - Tuttle Kitchen

Making Homemade Butter is really one of the most rewarding things I've done in the kitchen and it's unbelievably simple! When first learning how butter can be made at home, I was shocked! My friend Mina walked me through the process while we were working one day, all I could think was, why have I not done this before?! This one is so quick and simple, we are just going to jump right in.


  1. Pour Heavy Whipping Cream into a mixing bowl. The amount of cream you add to the bowl depends on how much butter you would like to make, so this part is up to you!
  2. Attach the whisk attachment to your beater. I use my stand mixer so I can turn it on and keep an eye on it, because the process takes about 10 minutes.
  3. Turn mixer on to a high speed, as if you are making whipped cream and let it go.
  4. First the cream will become whipped cream, continue to whip past this point. The mixture will begin to separate and this is GOOD! Don't panic!
  5. You will mix until you have a solid attached to the whisk attachment and liquid in the bottom of the bowl. The liquid is buttermilk to save that!
  6. Put cheesecloth over a medium sized bowl and pour mixture onto that to strain the liquid completely out of your butter. Once you've poured the mixture out, squeeze the cheesecloth. When you open the cloth back up, what you have inside it your butter!
  7. If you want to add anything to flavor the butter, mix the seasoning, herbs, honey, etc into the solid butter. Mix well until evenly distributed.
  8. Below are some pictures of the process, so you can have a visual of each phase of the cream turning to butter.
Heavy Cream - Tuttle Kitchen
Heavy Whipping Cream.
Runny Whipped Cream - Tuttle Kitchen
Almost Whipped Cream.
Starting to Separate - Tuttle Kitchen
Starting to Separate.
Butter on Whisk - Tuttle Kitchen
Fully Separated. You have Butter!

Told you it was simple! This is definitely a great recipe to try with kids. Making butter is kind of like a really cool, edible science experiment. Homemade Butter is also a sure fire way to impress. Serve this at a dinner party with some fresh bread and your friends will forever rave about it. I mean, I was even impressed with myself! My favorite thing to serve this with, is my homemade Sourdough Bread or Biscuits!

Butter in Cheese Cloth-Tuttle Kitchen
Draining the liquid from the butter.
Brick of Butter-Tuttle Kitchen
After pressing butter into a block.
Homemade Butter - Tuttle Kitchen
Ready to serve.

To store your fresh butter, wrap it air tight with plastic wrap and store in the refrigerator. Thank you all for cooking with me! Enjoy your Holidays!! Below are a few of the tools I used to make my butter. Think about packaging this and baking some bread to give as gifts this year! Inexpensive and homemade, win win!!

Ashley Tuttle

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