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Holiday Pretzel Snacks

Holiday Pretzel Snacks-TK

These cute little pretzel treats are everything I love. Quick, simple, and a perfect mix of sweet and salty. Yes pleeeeease! The perfect bite sized treats for anything from work parties to potlucks, these should be your next go to. You only need three ingredients, so it's a great treat during the holiday's when you are low on funds.

Pretzel Snack Ingredients-TK

Place the pretzels on a large baking sheet and top with one unwrapped kiss on each pretzel. Place in a 350° oven for no more than three minutes. Right out of the oven, top each kiss with an M&M and let cool until the chocolate hardens, and you're done! For real, that's it! Thanks for hanging out today and next time you need a quick sweet snack, try these!

Ashley Tuttle

Pretzel Kisses - Tuttle Kitchen
M&M's Pretzels - Tuttle Kitchen
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