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Tuttle Kitchen Corn Hole

Tuttle Kitchen Corn Hole - Tuttle Kitchen

The sun has been shining more, the days are a little longer and the chill in the air is starting to go away. That means it's almost time to play out in our yard, and hang up my hammock! This is my throw back post to when my amazing husband made me THE coolest birthday gift I've ever gotten. 2020 wasn't ALL bad... While I was visiting my cousins in upstate New York during my birthday week last September, Nick spent every night after work building and staining these beautiful corn hole boards and planning a small surprise birthday party for me. He really made me feel so special! Not many people have their own custom made corn hole sets!

Now I just need the snow to stop pummeling us. As fun as it's been building really cool sledding ramps on our front hill, I am fully ready to dust off my flip flops and play some yard games with the smell of barbeque in the background. Spring is usually when we get most of our snow here in Colorado, so it may be another month or two. But as soon as I get the chance, I am going to fill my glass with a whiskey coke and play some bags! Maybe by the end of this year I'll actually be good at it haha.

Snow Tuttles - Tuttle Kitchen
Summer Tuttles - Tuttle Kitchen

Tuttle Kitchen Corn Hole is gonna make the most perfect addition to our upcoming barbeques, game nights or family hang time. Thank you, Nick, and all of our friends that helped him pull this off for me! You are all incredible and we are so lucky to be surrounded by all of you. Moving up to the mountains was definitely the best decision we ever made. The neighborhood we have found ourselves in is packed full of amazing people, and is in a really convenient location. The grocery store is still down the street, we are pretty close to the highways so we have easy access to anywhere in the state and there are hiking trails everywhere by us. This was just the change of scenery we needed.

Thank you all for following along. Your support means the world to me! This is the beginning of a new series called "Out of the Kitchen" where you will find things to do in Colorado, local restaurant or store reviews, fun pictures and stories about our home life and some of my hobbies. I thought it would be fun to share more about my life outside the kitchen and let you all in on some of the hidden treasures of Colorado. Hope you all enjoy these as much as you enjoy the recipes!

Thank you again to my Nicholas for surprising me with this amazing Tuttle Kitchen Corn Hole set! I am a lucky woman and I cannot wait to get out and use it again this summer. I hope you all have a great day and are surrounded by love and fun! Below I shared links to some of our other favorite yard games so when the weather allows it, you can all get out and play in the sun!

Ashley Tuttle

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