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About Us

Welcome to Tuttle Kitchen, I'm Ashley!

Grand Canyon

I am the face behind the Tuttle Kitchen screen you are reading. I created this website to share my recipes and lots of tips and tricks with you all. You will even find ideas for road trip snacks, meals and itineraries, camping grub and even my holiday spreads! I've been talking about starting a blog for years and now it's finally happening, so I am over the moon to have you all here.

This is my creative outlet, my happy place, and my passion. As a kid, if I wasn't watching Nickelodeon and playing with bugs outside, I was watching Food Network and mixing up concoctions with whatever I could get my hands on in the kitchen. One of my fondest memories is making pancakes with my dad on the weekends, learning how to fry an egg and of course, Thanksgiving!

30 (something) has been the best chapter of my life so far. I have a very supportive husband, Nick, a sassy and beautiful daughter, Ayla, and three very naughty but adorable cats. "30 is the new 20" is a real thing you guys. You become more confident, make better choices about life and who to surround yourself with, and you have it together (at least more than you did when you were twenty-something)! After so many years of dabbling in other things, I've always come back to cooking, because the kitchen has always been my favorite place to express myself.

I hope you all find this blog helpful. My main objective is to awaken the home chef in YOU! I want you all to realize there is nothing you can't do and there is no recipe that can't be yours by revamping or modifying it. You ALL have the power. Now let's get cooking.